Motion Consultancy and Training/Motion is established with its Mission of catalysing “Motion” or “dynamism” that ultimately leads to change and Development of the society and credited global Company through valuing People, Economy, and Nature that usually run in harmony and balance. Motion, is a company founded to render Consultancy, Training and Research services both on physical and social science subjects. It has paved its way with-in the scaffold of green business in the year 2010.


Name of the company, “Motion Consultancy and Training Private Limited Company” (Motion) is registered by the Ministry of Trade and Industry on September 17/09/2010. It is distinguished by Tax Identification No. (TIN) 0015342576 and Value Added Tax (VAT) payer's No. 3256640016 obtained on 18/10/2010 and 11/12/2010 respectively from Federal Custom and Revenue Authority. Motion obtained certificate of Principal Registration (Number 06/2/30535/03) and Trade License (Number 06/2/25240/03) from Addis Ababa Administration, Bole Sub City Trade and Industry on 22/09/2010 and 03/02/2011 respectively. It is licensed by Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electric as Grade I Water Resources Consulting Firm, by Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission as Grade I Environmental Consulting Firm, by Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources as Natural Resources Management consultant and by Ethiopian Management Institute as Human and Organizational Development consultant.

Why Choose Motion Consultancy & Training?

State-of-the-Science and State-of-the-Artservice

We render high standard and up-to-date services both on physical and social sciences using tasted and proved approaches and only highly qualified and professional personnel’s.

Highly competent personnel

Motion is a nest for very competent, inspired and cooperating consultants working together as a team to harness collective knowledge developed through long years of experience and learning.

Research and development

To keep pace with technological advancement and societal developments we research and swiftly customize our service to meet the specific needs of any client.

More over Motion is;

• Center, where Consultancy, Research, and Training overlap for higher performance and integrity,
• Station, to refill energy and live with passion and full confidence,
• Easy route, to find out our true purpose and reason of life,
• An abode of wisdom where you can reach to climax of happiness after finish line,


To be a company that equate with the best habitable country in the world, and positively influence the profit, the people, and the planet.


To live a day as a century, consider a drop as an ocean, an individual as a society, relationship as a pr and vice versa in all thoughts and actions through catalyzing Motion that ultimately leads to Change and progressive Development of the society.


The essence of Motion is rooted around, the following, shared values and principles
1. Trust and Respect
2. Timeliness
3. Originality
4. Win-Win endeavor
5. Action and Impact

More-over on values

Trust & Respect

Motion recognizes and upholds the dignity of each person in a spirit of love and it does unto others as it would have them do unto it and it adds value by valuing others. It is committed to meet its interest through meeting needs and interest of its customers.

Win-Win Endeavor

Motion’s essence shall remain even handed both in business & nature and social services. It has unwavering commitment to excel in service by synergizing needs of human and nature and own and others interest. It opts to meet its interest through meeting the needs and interest of its customers


Motion shall dedicatedly work to meet deadlines and shall exert its maximum effort to be up-to-date.


Motion holds itself to highest personal and professional standards and also strives to do things out of its capacity and capability.

Action and Impact

Motion believes that actionable thoughts and impactful actions constitute its essence. So, it won't promote thoughts and ideas that it will not dare to act on and it will not dear to act if the action won't have impact.






Team Members




    TheMotions business and service is based on one or more of the following strategic thinking and actions.

    • Undertaking regular performance appraisal and build on lesson,
    • Seeking customer feedback for service improvement,
    • Keeping pace with science and technology,
    • Basing on up to date facts and figures,
    • Fine tuning and keeping harmony with existing development agendas and systems,
    • Embracing motivated, enlightened, and inspired staff,
    • Closely following the prospects of the future and acting proactively,
    • Building networking with key individuals and organizations of diverse background and geographical location and etc.


    The supreme governing organ of Motion is the Share Holders General assembly, subordinated by the Chief Executive Officer, CEO. The CEO Executes Policy, Decisions and agreed Programs of work. Under the CEO, there is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Other supporting sections including, Resource & System Management, RSM, Virtual Community & IT Management, VIM. There three core functional Unit the Consultancy, Training and Research and Development service are managed by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer., Corporate Social Responsibility Facilitation, CSRF For More see the company Organizational Structure.


Motion have been engaged in a number of community development service through a various number of ways including contribution of labor, skill and Finance, and other in kind means. In order to enhance its impacts and expand its area of influence, Motion have stablished strategic partnership with varying type and number of entities including; Universities, GOs, NGOs, like minded PLCs and others.

Community Development

Motion dedicatedly works to enhance community development. It allocates and sponsors community development initiates in a number of ways, including taking part in community centered activities that are executed in areas of its presence.

Career Development


Motion is striving to build a better community. 

Blood Donation


Motion Endeavor is beyond business. It strives to contribute for the better wellbeing of the society. One of its Contribution is Blood donation, facilitates and organize blood donation on regularly.

Spreading Peace


Motion relentlessly works to spread peace of mind, physical condition and environment through all its moves. Its family members are the ambassadors of peace. It have been taking part in the spreading of peace facilitated and promoted by International peace federation.

Career Development


Motion volunteers to impart life and technical skill to various profile of the society including civil servants, students, business owners and other individuals. It also endeavor to enhance and careers developments and business management.



“Motion” is a nest for very competent, inspired, versatile staffs working together to harness collective knowledge and skill developed through long years of experience and learning which favor wide thinking and working horizon.


Abebe Legesse

Chief Executive Officer

Berhanu Rabo

Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Training & Marketing Service
Easy No: 0968969696

Ayalew Kibret

Chief Consultancy and Development Service Officer

Belaynesh Birru

General Manager
Easy No: +251-942222324

Asmamaw Mekonnen

Chief, Resource & System Management

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