Post Costruction Environmetal and Social Audit and Preparation of ESMP for Unicef Suported Multi Village Water Supply Projects

The Post-Construction ESA and ESMP of the water supply Pojects was caried out in two woredas (Afdera and Galealo) of Afar and three woredas (Shinele, Erer and Adigala) of Somali National Regional states. The service encompasses reviewing of relevant Policies, legislation and another relevant document, collecting, verifying and constituting environmental and social safeguard and compliances, grievance and grievance redress approaches and protocols in line with the ESA, SEP, ESMP, and WaSH having the training gap analysis and preparation of the training/work. Conventional and contemporary data collection, coding, and analysis were employed.

Assessment of Climate Change Impacts & Vulnerability & Adaptation Options for Enhancing Ecosystem & Community Resilience

The project is implemented in three woredas (Adami Tulu Jido Kombolcha, Arsi Negale, and Bora) in East Shoa Zone. This project covers divers' sectors including, Agriculture, Water resources, socioeconomic aspects, administrative and institutional issues and etc. The assessment covered two Woreda and over 80 peasant association in those woreda. As part of this assignment Motion developed compressive data collection tools and databases, and delivered training’s to project staffs and data collectors.

The service covers assessment of current socio economic conditions (e.g. incomes, livelihoods options, natural resources, livestock, crop production, etc.), assessment of the Degree of Vulnerability of communities to drought and any other natural disasters so that rehabilitation work can be planned in accordance with the underlying causes of deforestation and land degradation among on the target communities( especially poor and marginalized people and women) and assessment of the community perceptions towards introduced interventions of rehabilitation works such as area closure, tree planting, Gully treatment, etc.

Developing Integrated Watershed Management Plan for selected Micro watersheds in Rift valley basin

The project covers 42 PAS in four districts of Oromia Region. The service covers Assessment of Biophysical resources base of the area, Delineation, Mapping and Preparation of Detail plan for the Management of micro watersheds in area to enhance livelihood of the local community.  Public involvement through the application of PRA tools, interviews and focus group discussion and other qualitative and quantitative data collection methods are the major methodological components employed.  As part of this activity Motion organized workshops and delivered trainings to stakeholders.

Engineering and Construction Management Service [ECMS] For Omorate Cotton Farm

Omorate Cotton Farm development project is owned by an Italian Company. The Project site is located in SNNPR South Omo zone. It is irrigated by Omo River water; Abstraction of the river water is by using pumps. The command area is about10, 000-ha and it is phase-by-phase project of which about 2500ha is studied and developed under this assignment. It is phase-by-phase project of which the current phase covers over 800ha hectare of land irrigated from one pump station.

The project staff are accommodated in a camp and the utilities (water supply power, sanitation facilities etc are self-contained). Irrigation type of the Project is surface /gravity type application is used. All the canals are main canal are earthen canals. Environmental issues including ESIA, EMP and Climate change impacts are the central of the project

Management Plan Development for Yayu Coffee Forest Biosphere Reserve (YCFBR), Illubabor, South West Ethiopia

The project is implemented in Iluababor zone of Oromia region. It covers six woredas with varying proportion of area coverage. The central goal of the plan is to guide and co-ordinate the work of all stakeholders with an interest in the biosphere reserve and in delivering the biosphere reserve functions. It applies to the entire YCFBR and shall be followed by all relevant stakeholders related to YCFBR, at all levels. The management plan provides information about YCFBR strategic direction for the future and clear direction and details for the development and implementation of programs that advance YCFBR as a living and learning place for bio-cultural diversity and sustainable development.






Team Members




Motion has been engaged in a number of community development services through various number of ways including contribution of labor, skill and Finance, and other in kind means. In order to enhance its impacts and expand its area of influence, Motion has stablished strategic partnership with varying type and number of entities including; Universities, GOs, NGOs, like minded PLCs and others.

Community Development

Motion dedicatedly works to enhance community development. It allocates and sponsors community development initiates in a number of ways, including taking part in community centered activities that are executed in areas of its presence.

Career Development


Motion is striving to build a better community. 

Blood Donation


Motion Endeavor is beyond business. It strives to contribute for the better wellbeing of the society. One of its Contribution is Blood donation, facilitates and organize blood donation on regularly.

Spreading Peace


Motion relentlessly works to spread peace of mind, physical condition and environment through all its moves. Its family members are the ambassadors of peace. It have been taking part in the spreading of peace facilitated and promoted by International peace federation.

Career Development


Motion volunteers to impart life and technical skill to various profile of the society including civil servants, students, business owners and other individuals. It also endeavor to enhance and careers developments and business management.