Motion endeavor to engage in the following actions as part of its corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).

Hope Building Endeavor (CBE): - This Endeavor targets new generations from nursery to undergraduate university students and youth (both employed and unemployed). New generations are the hopes by themselves to their families and the country at large. To realize this endeavor, the tar-get citizen needs to be crafted in the manner they can envision bright future and hospitable world. So far, Motion has been exerting its utmost efforts to inspire and motivate the new generation through its serious of training workshops and sharing life experiences. The endeavor is progressively expanding in terms of area coverage since its commencements. It is designed in a cyclic manner by which impact of the effort is reviewed every three years and advancement is made based on lessons learned and continuous feedback from the beneficiaries. The endeavor is initiated two years ago and so far, Motion reached out to six universities, four privates’ academic institutions, and one public school. Apart from these efforts, Motion reached out to millions through its presence at more than six TV stations and six FM radio stations.

Trust Building Endeavour (TBE): - The con-temporary dynamism in all aspects of humans’ life is full of uncertainty and hardly predictable. Individuals and institutions become more sceptic about others as every move is becoming selfish, self-centered, Exploitative and deceptive. This is affecting the decision making by individuals and also institutions. Without decision or with wrong decision there could be no aspired outcome. Thus, targeting institutions (GO, CBO, and NGO) Motion have been implementing this endeavor for the last four years. Similar to the hope building project, this endeavor is also cyclic and its impact is designed to be reviewed every five year and advances to the next cycle based on lessons learned. So far specifically Motion reached out to Seven Go and Five NGO Initiation through its Motivational and skill trainings as part of this endeavor.

Culture Building Endeavors (CuBE): - Culture is about discipline, it is about Norms and values. Society in general and institutions in particular, without norms and values tend to be wild and rootless. Undisciplined society/institutions also are fragile and cannot last long. Societies/Institutions without enshrined culture could be suppressed and eliminated. The important safeguarding mechanism is through maintaining/ reinforcing generally accepted beneficial cultures or introduction of morally, legally, and scientifically acceptable culture. This endeavor targets the wider community and business entities, and has been under implementation since the last six years. The endeavor has been in execution through organizing weekly experience sharing’s, Professional dialogues, Trainings and demonstrations. Similar to the other endeavor, it is also cyclic and reinitiates every five year. The first cycle was completed during the year 2019 and currently Motion is running the second cycle of this endeavor. During the first cycle over 10,000 individuals of various academic, experience and skill background has been addressed through face to face interaction.

Relationship Maintenance Endeavour (RME): - During this contemporary world, many relation-ships cracks, spoils or disintegrates. This affects Hope, Trust and culture of a society, Institutions as well as individuals. Particularly when it comes to family level it poisons the generation in the line. Thus, Motion have been counselling and maintaining challenged relationships, particularly of soul mates in a family. Unlike other endeavors this endeavor is neither cyclic nor progressive. Motion only responds to needy individuals or groups. It has been under execution for about three years and So far, Motion saved more than 100 families from disintegration directly and in a number of thousands indirectly through its presence in both social and mainstream Medias indirectly. The above endeavors have been reached out to the society without any charge as part of Motion’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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