Abebe Legesse

Chief Executive Officer

Berhanu Rabo

Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Training & Marketing Service

Ayalew Kibret

Chief Consultancy and Development Service Officer

Belaynesh Birru

General Manager

Asmamaw Mekonnen

Chief, Resource & System Management

Eleni Shimelis

Graduate Engineer and System Manager

Elias Akililu

Driver Mechanic

Endale Tsegaye

Chief Planning and Performance Management Officer

Sintayehu G/Michael

Assistant Project officer/Resource Manager

Banchigize Kakich

Junior Accountant

Tafesse Kebede

Natural Resource Management Expert

Ziyada Mengesha

Junior Electrical Engineer and IT Support


Virtual Community & IT Manager

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Motions enjoy giving rather than receiving. Below are our virtually receivable gifts for you. Please download them, read/watch and understand us and our aspirations and get back to us with your feedback or with yourself.