‘Motion’ believes in inspired, Motivated and Capable human power well organized institution (System, Environment, Culture…) in order to reap impactful and sustainable endeavor in all moves of huma (research, development,). We also believe in credibility and visibility (brand) or efficient and effective service delivery. All these and similar factors help to embody ownership, commitment, reliability and passion on manpower of an institution and comfortable and prudent institution.

By virtue of the above-mentioned fact ‘Motion’ enthusiastically works on building using very dynamic and highly diversified staff from both Social and Natural science field of studies to materialize its transforming concept “Proofing Hard Science through Soft Skills”.


Our preamble of facilitation/Training is that “everybody knows something, and nobody knows everything” and therefore believes in wisdom creation and wisdom management through full engagement of minds and cumulative experience. This means, in all our facilitation we build a wisdom by creating a knowledge multiplying session. With this notion we encourage maximum trainee engagement and practical hands on the wisdom we are providing with the concept “Healing the Route”.

Most of our facilitation’s are designed in a way that ensures active engagement of the trainees and are practice oriented including demonstrations and visit to model sites/companies. Motion also offers customer-tailored trainings at a location convenient to the client, which may include the clients’ office premises. We also constantly review our services to ensure that they remain relevant and meet our high standards. ‘Motion’ has all the capacity to offer several aggregates of facilitations on both technical and social aspects/topics. ‘Motion’ also facilitates Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, Events and Experiences sharing occasions on a wide range of topics. As part of trainings Motion also inculcate coaching sessions for both individuals and organization to make shore that trainings become practical.

In addition to all sort of customary but customized and contextualized trainings (physical and Social Sciences), Motion also developed and owned original trainings models which benefit and transform lives of individuals and organizations.

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Motions enjoy giving rather than receiving. Below are our virtually receivable gifts for you. Please download them, read/watch and understand us and our aspirations and get back to us with your feedback or with yourself.